Monday, May 2, 2016


smallflower.gifWith the sincerity of children
they scramble to explore
the deeper recesses of the island
They survey its mountains, caves and
dense undergrowths with breath held and
hands clasped tightly
Gathering strength from each other, they push forward
Cheeks flushed, eyes too bright
No sound but the echo
Of solemn whispers and labored breath . . .
The children are after a golden treasure
Certain by some Divine Providence
That no harm can come to them
Certain that the treasure was put there
For them to find
And no one, especially the grown-ups
Could appreciate its incredible dazzle more than they -
Because the eyes of children
Are not trained to make the distinction
Between real and counterfeit gold
And whether the treasure is there or not
Makes little difference
Because the children, who are very wise
Know that the treasure is not in the gold itself
But in the search for it.

Dear Readers,
I wrote Treasure Hunt many years ago, before I found the treasure of poetry as a healing tool. Nevertheless, this poem could very well refer to the poetry therapy journey.
Each poem you find that resonates inside you is a golden nugget— a treasure sent from Rumi, Emily Dickinson, Carl Sandburg, Stanley Kunitz and some of the greatest souls who have ever lived. And every time you permit yourself to write your true feelings, you are panning for gold.
As hundreds of participants of The Creative "Righting" Center can attest, every seminar and peer group is an adventure. The interactive process of reflection and dialogue activates your own personal growth and healing process.
I invite you to consider joining the circle of people who use poetry passionately for the purpose of helping themselves and others. Learn about The National Association for Poetry Therapy and the work being done around the country. (Links are provided). The Creative "Righting" Center offers its services for therapy and training to individuals, groups and agencies.  I welcome your questions and comments by e-mail or phone.
Sherry Reiter (SLR)

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